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Garage Door Panel Replacement in San Francisco, CA

In San Francisco, CA, we successfully replaced a damaged garage door panel, restoring functionality and enhancing the property's aesthetics.
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Garage Door Panel Replacement in San Francisco, CA
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Services: panel was hit with a car, and we replaced both panels


A customer in San Francisco, CA had significant damage to their garage door panels after accidentally hitting their garage door with their car. They needed a quality but fast fix to restore the functionality, safety, and appearance of their garage door.

garage door panel replacement San Francisco


With our expert garage door panel replacement services, we efficiently replaced both damaged panels with ease. Our experienced team removed the old panels and installed brand new ones, ensuring a seamless and secure fit. The entire panel replacement process was done within 5 hours.


The customer was extremely satisfied with the quality of our service and the superb replacement of the damaged panels. The new panels not only restored the functionality of the garage door but also enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the customer's property. We take pride in delivering reliable and efficient garage door solutions to our valued customers.

garage door panel repair San Francisco

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Another Happy Client

5 stars
Ammar was punctual, professional and efficient. He offered a great solution to my garage door issue (vs other people tried to sell me a different extremely more expensive item). I highly recommend him and I would call him for any other future projects!
Menie Yip
5 stars
Excellent work! Fast, reliable and friendly. Thank you!
Renata Tylka
5 stars
My garage door jammed and I needed an urgent repair. I called Safety Garage Door Repair & Installation. They were able to accommodate my urgent need and their technician came out a few hours later to fix our door. What a relief. Alex knew right what needed to be done and was very professional in his approach. Thank you Alex and The Safety Garage Door Repair & Installation company. We will definitely call you back in the future.
Steven Souksavath

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