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Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Backup Battery for a Garage Door Opener

May 14, 2023

If you've ever had a power failure and found yourself unable to manually open or close your garage door, you know how important it is to have a reliable battery backup system.

Installing a backup battery for the opener on your residential garage door is easier than you think; with just a few tools and supplies from the hardware store, plus this step-by-step guide, you can have peace of mind knowing that if the electricity does go out, your garage will remain secure and accessible.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about installing a backup battery for your residential garage door opener!

What Is Battery Backup and How Does It Work?

A battery backup is an important feature found in modern garage door openers. This allows the opener to continue working even if the main power source is not available, as you will still have battery power. This can be incredibly beneficial if a severe storm cuts off electrical power to the neighborhood.

Instead of being stuck outside in the cold, you can use the backup battery to open your garage and get inside quickly. The system works by using a set of high-capacity batteries that are connected directly to the opener's motor and track rails. When these batteries run low, they activate an LED warning light, so it's easy to know when it's time for a replacement.

Whether you live in an area with frequent electrical outages or just want some extra assurance when opening your garage in an emergency, investing in a garage door opener with battery backup is sure to provide plenty of peace of mind.

Are Garage Door Battery Backups Worth It?


A garage door opener battery backup may be worth considering if you're looking for an extra level of assurance and security regarding your home's entryway. This will help keep you from being locked out if the power goes out, a common occurrence during severe weather.

The costs associated with this type of system can vary widely depending on the brand and quality of materials used, so you may want to shop around for the best combination of cost and reliability before making a final decision.

Additionally, sometimes complex installation is required; but don't let that deter you as there are reputable professionals who can assist in getting everything properly set up and running correctly.

Ultimately, garage door battery backups are an often overlooked aspect of home security--so it's worth at least exploring your options to see if this feature could be beneficial.

How to Install Battery Backup for Garage Door Opener

Step 1: Measure the Width and Height of Your Garage Door and Purchase a Battery Backup Unit that Is Compatible with It

Purchasing a battery backup unit for your garage door is ideal if you want to protect yourself from the frustration of having a power outage.

It helps ensure that you can open or close your door should any unexpected power outages occur. The first step in this process is to measure the width and height of your garage door. Then, use those measurements to find a compatible battery backup unit for your specific door size.

With this unit installed, your peace of mind will be restored knowing that you'll have no additional worries during any power outage in the future!

Step 2: Disconnect the Power from the Opener and Remove the Cover to Access the Internal Components

backup battery for garage door opener

Installing a battery backup system for your garage door opener is an important step in ensuring the continued use and security of your home.

To properly install this system, it’s important to first disconnect the power from the opener. This is a safety precaution and should be done before attempting any further tasks associated with the installation.

Once power has been disconnected, you'll need to remove the cover to access the internal components.

Installing and properly connecting all components inside your unit is key to having a successful installation that meets all safety requirements.

Step 3: Attach One End of the Battery Backup Wiring to the Back Wall and then Connect It to the Other End of the Unit

With the battery backup in hand, the next step is to attach it to your garage door opener.

Determine where you want the installation; for example, on the back wall, and then take the wiring from one end of the battery backup and connect it to that spot on your wall. Once this is done, go ahead and connect the other end of the wiring to the rest of your unit.

If everything is set up properly, you can now move onto step four with confidence knowing that whatever happens, you'll have a reliable battery backup system ready!

Step 4: Install the Support Brackets for Mounting Onto Your Garage Walls

Attaching support brackets to the garage wall is essential so that you can securely mount the battery backup unit following installation.

Analyze the alignment of your setup and ensure you use appropriate fasteners when mounting your brackets to avoid any potential mishaps later on. Use quality screws and anchors provided in the kit to make sure everything is secure and strong.

Take time with these steps to double-check your work; it'll be worth it in the end!

Step 5: Mount All Wires, Cables, and Additional Parts Needed for Installation, Including a New Motor Controller Board in Place

Once the necessary parts and components have been collected, the fifth step in the battery backup installation process is to mount them securely. This includes wires, cables, and additional parts such as a new motor controller board.

These items must be fitted properly so they can work together as part of the battery backup system and protect your home or business against incidents like power outages.

Taking the time to ensure everything is safely attached before beginning will save considerable effort down the line.

Step 6: Test Out Your System by Manually Opening/Closing Your Garage Door with a Backup Power Source Enabled

add battery backup to garage door opener

Once your battery backup system has been installed, the final step is to test it out. This involves manually opening and closing your garage door with an enabled backup power source.

Doing this will ensure that your battery backup system is working properly and will be able to guarantee reliable operation during a power outage. Make sure you check all the connections and readings before enabling the automated mode once again.

Good maintenance of your system guarantees efficiency in responding to potential power disruption.

Get the Perfect Garage Door for Your Home with Safety Garage Door Repair & Installation

Installing a battery backup for your garage door opener is an effective way to make sure your garage door will continue working even when the power goes out.

By properly measuring and purchasing a compatible unit, disconnecting the power from the opener, connecting it to wiring brackets, and finally mounting all components in place, you should now know how to install a battery backup system in your garage. Testing out your new system is essential after installation to ensure everything was installed correctly and functioning properly. We hope this blog post has been of help!

If you encounter any difficulties while trying to install a battery backup system for your garage door opener or if you have any questions about our products and services here at Safety Garage Door Repair & Installation – then don’t hesitate to contact us today! We are available around the clock and look forward to helping you with whatever needs that may arise.

Ammar Hanafieh

Ammar Hanafieh

Following the family's trade, Ammar has been working in the garage door repair and installation industry since 2010. He brings his expertise via the excellent service and industry insights.
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